Who is the Notarishuis.eu ?

Notarishuis.eu is an initiative of 25 notaries located in Flemish Brabant to offer additional services, also outside the notary’s office.

Professionalism, transparency, service and guidance play a key role in this in collaboration with the civil-law notaries.


The employee of het Notarishuis draws-up a detailed extensive dossier for the concerned notary. The training and frequent intense contact with several notarial offices guarantee a qualitatively eminent and efficient level of service. This amongst other things is of great importance to make sure that the value appraisals are carried out correctly.


Service-oriented work is top priority at Notarishuis Zuidwest-Vlaams-Brabant. The global organization ensures the offering of a better service which enhances customer-friendliness. Contact is maintained in a confidential and pleasant atmosphere.


The Notarishuis-employee is easily approachable to the client. He is available on six days out of seven, even in the evenings, and ensures a smooth flow of communication between the parties involved. One of the main tasks of the employee of Het Notarishuis is to explain in plain language the different juridical and notarial steps.


From the beginning, the notary and the employee of het Notarishuis put the necessary effort into the notarial aspects of the dossier. In that way, the client won’t be confronted with any surprises. Het Notarishuis Zuidwest-Vlaams-Brabant handles every dossier exclusively in consultation with your notary.

Our employees

Please feel free to contact one of the employees of Notarishuis.eu!